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Estate Planning in Pennsylvania

Finding a Kingston estate planning attorney sooner than later is always a good option for your future. Setting up your family for a secure life is important. We are Wilkes Barre estate planning attorneys here to assist you in the process. When securing a life for your family getting a Dallas PA estate planning attorney and having a Wills attorney as well is beneficial to all parties. A Kingston wills attorney will help you decide on what you should leave behind in case something tragic were to occur. Here at Michak Law we are estate planning attorneys and wills attorneys at your service. We are here to protect you and your family in Wilkes Barre. Life can be unpredictable and don't get stuck without the right wills attorney behind you.

How Can We Help ?

In all your years as a parent, entrepreneur, spouse, investor, or small business owner, you have learned two things:

1. The future is always uncertain. Your younger self could never have anticipated the many changes that life has brought both to your fortune and circumstances.

2. While you can't know what the future holds, you can make effective plans to deal with unexpected change. You can take steps to protect your assets from any changes the future may bring. In fact, the risk is greatest if you don't act now to secure your future.

You have worked to build your business or to grow your estate for your heirs. However, without careful planning, you could lose the value of your hard-earned assets to taxes, lawsuits, or even the squandering behavior of someone you can't trust.

Estate Planning Services in Kingston and Northeastern PA Will Help You Rest Easy

Worrying about the future can keep you awake at nights. For your own peace of mind and for the wellbeing of your family, turn to Gary A. Michak, a proven estate planning lawyer, to set your future on the right course and give you the assurance you need today.

Many people fail to plan for the future because they don't know that planning techniques exist to protect their assets. Gary A. Michak helps Pennsylvania families to achieve greater financial security by carefully anticipating future needs and changes. He will work with clients to create a customized estate plan that will protect assets throughout their lives and beyond.

Call Gary A. Michak at 570-255-5500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

The death of a spouse, a bankruptcy, a divorce, or a remarriage - all these are common life events, but the consequences can be disastrous. If these types of changes are not anticipated and planned for, family members can be thrown from comfort to poverty overnight.

Don't Let Your Financial Future Crumble Due to an Unexpected Event

Joyous occasions can also affect your future. A new grandson, a second marriage, the creation of a business - you will need to update your estate plan to accommodate these changes as well. An updated estate plan will ensure that your loved ones continue to benefit from your benefit from your hard work.

Gary A. Michak will help you modify your estate plan as your circumstances change over the years:

Wills: If you have a spouse or children, it is important that you plan for their future wellbeing by preparing a will. If you do not have a will, Pennsylvania law will determine what happens to your children, your money, and your estate after you die. Your intentions and plans will not matter.

Trusts: Establishing a trust can ensure that the assets you transfer to your heirs are used for good purposes. Trusts also offer unique tax advantages and can be used to meet special needs of family members. But trusts are not as flexible as wills when conditions change; they may not be appropriate for all estates.

Estate planning: You've worked hard to ensure your family's security. Now, you must protect your assets from overzealous tax collectors, creditors, and potential lawsuits. Careful planning will reduce the risk that your hard-earned net worth will be seized from your family and friends. Estate planning can also ensure that your last years are lived with dignity if you are disabled by an injury or a medical condition.

Estate Planning is for Everyone

It is never too early to think about the future. Failing to have a plan in place can result in your assets passing to unintended beneficiaries, legal fees, probate costs, and custody battles. Estate planning will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected.

Protecting your Pennsylvania estate or business interests should not be approached casually. At the same time, life is uncertain and estate planning should not be delayed. Gary A. Michak will work with you to protect your family's inheritance and future. To schedule a free confidential consultation, please contact Gary A. Michak at (570) 255-5500.

Investing or owning a business is a big decision and may be your lively hood. Getting the right business attorney in order for you make the right agreements is crucial for the process. A Wilkes Barre business attorney can help you with your business interests and guide you in the right direction. When thinking about opening a business or investing with partners for a business is sure to get a Dallas PA business attorney to make the right decisions.

Finding the Right Probate Lawyer in Dallas PA

Finding the right legal representation in the Dallas or Wilkes-Barre area is very important. You can trust the legal team at Michak Law to help you with your probate needs. We have been serving the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area for over a decade and proudly continue to apply the law and our experience to get results for our clients. We are well informed when it comes to probate law and we can help you to understand how the laws apply to your case.

Probate laws can be complex, and there can be quite a few issues involved with them that you need assistance with. We can help you with the administration process as well as with any necessary litigation for the case. Some of the common types of scenarios we handle include wills, trusts, and guardianship.

You can trust Michak Law to be there for you if you have a wrongful death or personal injury case to pursue. We realize many clients are worried about what to do next and how the law applies to their situation. There can often be several areas of the law intertwined in your situation, and we are here to help you with it. We will listen to you, ask questions to gain information, and share with you the various options you have. We will also share with you what we feel is the best strategy to put in motion to generate your desired outcome. You will always be treated with the best possible service through Michak Law. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple case or one that is very complex. It doesn’t matter if the issue is local or we need to look at international laws.

Looking for a Probate Attorney in Wilkes-Barre

We strive to offer very individualized client personal services for any probate matters. We are proud to offer an array of services and resources to help advocate justice on behalf of the clients we represent.

The legal process can be scary and they can be confusing. Our goal at Michak Law is to share with you information in a manner that is easy to understand. We want you to be well informed before you make any decisions. We also want you to know all of the opportunities and options available to pursue. We are available if you would like to speak to us or if you need more information. You will be treated as a priority so you never have to worry about emails or phone calls not being returned. You will always be kept updated about the legal rights you have regarding your case. We understand legal issues can be difficult to take care of but it is easier with the right lawyer in the Dallas / Back Mountain area guiding you and supporting you.

We urge you to contact us at Michak Law to schedule a free and confidential consultation about your case.. Give us a call today if you need a probate attorney or you need help with a personal injury/wrongful death claim.

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