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Personal Injury Law

Are you in need of personal injury support? Choose an experienced pro

Gary A. Michak will aggressively and promptly investigate the facts of your case. He also masters the law and the medical science applicable to every injury suffered by a client and every member of the client's family. He prepares his clients and witnesses for every critical juncture in the case and in the courtroom. He works with only the most highly regarded medical experts, medical illustrators, private investigators, and other experts, preparing every case to go to trial if necessary to vindicate his clients' rights.

How Can We Help ?

To make things easier for injured clients and their families, Gary A. Michak offers free initial consultations and dedicates himself and his staff to making sure that every call is answered or returned. His firm is not a "mill" that takes on a volume of cases to settle whatever they can at minimal effort and expense. If Gary A. Michak takes on a case, it is because he believes in it, and he and his staff invest the necessary efforts and expenses to seek justice for every injured client.

Gary A. Michak will also recommend family counselors, advisers and other experts necessary to make his clients as whole as possible after a significant injury. He sees himself and his staff as more than legal advocates - they are here to guide their clients through some of the darkest days of their lives.

Call Gary A. Michak at 570-255-5500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Do you need a Kingston personal injury attorney? Michak Law are the right team to represent you. We are a team of professionals that work around the clock for you to help with your personal injury case. Our experts are Wilkes Barre personal injury lawyers here to assist you. We sit down with you and give a free consultation one on one and guide our clients through every step of their personal injury claims. We are meticulous Dallas PA personal injury attorneys working for our clients so you only receive the best.

Accidents happen every day like clockwork and in some cases a motor vehicle lawyer may be needed in Wilkes Barre, Kingston or Dallas PA. Michak Law is here to represent you. Accidents are stressful enough and having the right team of Dallas PA motor vehicle lawyer can help.

Sometimes DUI's happen and our better judgment just disappeared while we were in impaired that night. A DUI attorney is crucial when you are caught drinking and driving. A Kingston DUI attorney will represent you in your time of need and guide you through your options. Getting a DUI is embarrassing but now it is time to take action. Getting the right Wilkes Barre DUI attorney to represent you on your DUI case can be beneficial for what is to come. We are here to help make sure you know your options and work around the clock for you. As your Dallas PA DUI attorney we promise to bring only the best to the table.

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