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Children & Youth Law

If you ever need to hire an attorney to defend false allegations of child abuse against you or a loved one, you need to obtain a qualified attorney who has experience handling these types of cases.

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Often I am contacted by parents who have run into issues dealing with Children and Youth Services. It is not uncommon for CYS to run roughshod over the rights of parents under the guise of protecting children. Some things to be aware of if you are contacted by CYS:

1. Just because you are contacted by CYS does not mean that you have done anything wrong even though CYS make it sound like you did. It is important to contact an attorney to make sure that you understand the process and to protect your rights.

2. You do not have to let them into your house. Sometimes a CYS representative will show up at your house and demand that you let them in to do an inspection. They may even have a police officer with them to make it seem official. Unless there is a court order or they have a warrant (which you should make them show you), they do not have the right to enter your house without your consent. Before letting them in, you should contact an attorney so that you can make sure that your rights are protected.

3. You do have rights. Unfortunately, many parents who get into the CYS system are made to feel that they do not have rights. That is not true though. Be proactive in standing up for your rights. Do not get frustrated and withdraw from the process. Work with your attorney.

Call Gary A. Michak at 570-255-5500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

If you are contacted by CYS or find yourself in that system now, Gary A. Michak would be glad to talk with you. He will sit down together and get all of the information about your situation. At that point he will come up with a plan to address whatever the issue is that brought you into contact with CYS and, most importantly, what can be done to stop your children from being taken away or to get your children returned to you if they have been taken away.

The earlier you get a competent attorney involved, the better chance you have of avoiding criminal charges altogether or getting the criminal charges dismissed without a trial. Sometimes the most important experience an attorney possesses is his/her experience in avoiding the criminal or family court trial.

If you need to contact a youth criminal defense attorney for allegations of abuse and need a child attorney then Michak Law are the right attorneys. When you are looking for a Kingston child attorney for Kingston youth criminal defense attorney be sure to find experienced lawyers like Michak. Michak law will help represent you in your time of need without judgment. Know it is not uncommon to be contacted by children and youth and a Wilkes Barre children attorney can help you today. A Dallas PA youth criminal defense attorney may be needed in order to assist you in your trial. When considering your options for hiring the best Wilkes-Barre children attorney for a Wilkes-Barre youth criminal defense attorney consider Michak Law as your representative.

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