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Adoption Law

Whether you are seeking to add to your family through adoption or to put your child up for adoption, you have a lot to consider and a lot of important choices to make. One of those choices is who you are going to hire to help you achieve your adoption goals.

Specifically, Gary A. Michak is committed to providing safe, individualized, and prompt legal services for all parties involved. To that end, we provide help for:

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Birth Parents: We want our birth parent clients to understand all of their rights and to be confident in their decisions. We can work together to make sure that birth parents chose the adoptive parents whom they believe are best for their child and can structure agreements about contact between birth and adoptive parents during and after pregnancy.

Adoptive Parents: Our adoptive parent clients understandably want to make sure that every aspect of their adoption is legally sound so that they can welcome the new addition to their family with the security of knowing that it is a forever placement. We are committed to helping each adoptive parent achieve this goal.

Children: While birth and adoptive parents are our clients, we never lose sight of the fact that it is a child whom we are placing with his or her family and a child's future that is at stake during the adoption process.

Gary A. Michak is committed to helping all types of families with their adoption needs. Whether you are adopting your spouse's child, pursuing a private adoption, considering a kinship adoption or thinking about another arrangement, we are here to help you. Likewise, our practice includes but is not limited to helping married heterosexual partners adopt children.

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We would like to learn more about your family's adoption plans and we would be pleased to help you, and your family, achieve your adoption goals. Please contact Gary A. Michak today at 570-255-5500 for more information.

Making a decision to adopt a child is one of the most important decisions you can make and having the right Dallas PA adoption attorney to help you through is also just as important. When considering adoption in Kingston and becoming an adoptive parent is exciting. Michak Law is here to guide you through the adoption process in Wilkes Barre. As an adoptive parent it is imperative to understand your rights when it comes to the adoption process. A Wilkes-Barre adoption attorney is here to guide you through every step so you can sit back and enjoy parenting. Michak Law will work hand and hand with the birth parents and work hard for you as your Kingston adoption attorney.

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